New Service for Patients With Mysterious Illnesses

Norway's Doctor HouseDr. Mads Irgen Olsen is Northern Norway‘s answer to Dr. House.

Norway’s answer to Dr. House from the famous TV series, alias chief attending physician Mats Irgen Olsen at the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN), is ready to treat patients with mysterious illnesses at the country’s first diagnostic center.

To assess patients with suspected severe disease is the main task of the diagnostic unit that now opens.

Health Minister Bent Høie had the pleasure of opening the first center in Norway when he visited UNN.

 – I am impressed by the enthusiasm we have met at UNN when it comes to making this happen. Here are human resources who see possibilities. This is not about new buildings or new equipment. It is about establishing a system that takes care of very sick people in a good way when the diagnosis is unclear, says Bent Høie.

Chief attending physician Mats Irgen Olsen at the diagnosis center tells that the new program will shorten the waiting time.

– Patients with vague symptoms will get a faster, better and more comprehensive service. We will act as a focal point for patients who fall outside the system or have serious illnesses, says Dr. Olsen to Nordlys newspaper.

University Hospital of North NorwayThe UniversityHospital of North Norway is ready to receive patients with unclear diagnoses.

Nationwide program

Under the Health Minister’s opening speech, he emphasized that the program will be nationwide. During 2014, the Government wants all health regions to establish diagnostic centers.

– Then we no longer need to send health professionals to Denmark to learn. We send them to Tromsø, smiled a very pleased health minister when he pulled the cord to mark the Diagnostic Centre at UNN for opened.

Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: UNN, Nordlys 

Photos by: UNN

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