It’s Never Too Late to Start Playing With Trucks

Tromsø RC Lastebil

Wondering what to buy for your husband, father or old eccentric uncle for Christmas? Then you can find inspiration in Tromsø RC Truck Club where grown-up men have a special hobby: Remote controlled miniature trucks.

This week the club is finished constructing a new indoor facility, which is very convenient in the Arctic city of Tromsø, and now the club hopes for new members.

– We are about nine members right now, but are working actively to recruit more. This does not have to be an expensive hobby, but you can if you want to spend thousands of dollars. We have construction machinery, tractors, trucks. Some are purchased, some are models, some are homemade or rebuilt, says Stian Eliassen to Nordlys newspaper.

Most of the machines the club possesses are purchased as kits. But some machines they have created entirely on their own.

See video below of RC Truck at Oslo Motor Show


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews


Photo by: Tromsø RC Truck Club

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