Norwegian Has Revealed Shakespeare’s Companion

Shakespeare Bacon 2A new study claims to be able to prove who William Shakespeare’s co-author was. Experts believe the new information allows his entire authorship to be reassessed.

In recent years, Norwegian Petter Amundsen’s Shakespeare theories have received much attention: The amateur cryptographer believes that Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucian Order were the real authors of Shakespeare’s works.

For nearly ten years, Amundsen has been searching through the unknown codes in Shakespeare’s plays. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation has made ​​a documentary in six episodes working through his analyzes and theories. It is based on the book “Organisten” from 2006, written by Amundsen and author Erlend Loe, revealing a map of codes in Shakespeare’s literature.

Shakespeare BaconThe codes reveal among other that the plays are not written by Shakespeare, but that he was a paid figure in a Masonic project led by Sir Francis Bacon.

– The news is that we are facing a brotherhood connection, a secret organization from the 1600s. The entire First Folio from 1623 is full of these codes, Amundsen says.

His discoveries suggest that even the lost Shakespeare manuscripts are preserved.

According to Amundsen, the Masonic brotherhood encoded secret messages in Shakespeare’s texts which lead us to a religious treasure on Oak Island in Canada. The documentary will reveal more details, but Amundsen makes sure that his work is by no means finished.

To be continued…


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photos by: NRK

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  1. Oh perfect, Oak Island. It’ll never be found.

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