Polar Nights in Northern Norway

Polar Night Tromso Northern NorwayTromsø is beautiful during the dark period. 

The period of Polar Nights in northern Norway, with nights lasting longer than 20 hours, is actually not completely dark. The twilight makes wonderful skyscapes and magic. Many Northerners think this is the most beautiful time of year.

Polar Night is a phenomenon that occurs in the winter, and only north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle. For a period the sun is below the horizon, even when it is at its highest. The areas that are dark in the winter will have midnight sun in an equivalent period in the summer.

At North Cape, the sun is below the horizon for over two months, while in Tromsø the phenomenon lasts for over six weeks. In Lofoten, the period of Polar Nights is short and lasts for less than four weeks. At the opposite end of the scale is the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, where the sun is hiding for almost four months!

Not total darkness

Although the sun is below the horizon, it is not completely dark in Northern Norway. On clear days you can see beautiful colors as the sun sets in the south, while the northern sky is dark blue. In Svalbard, however, it is completely dark a few weeks around winter solstice.

Around 1 – 2 P.M., the remaining light of the blue sea and the white snow is reflected and the landscape is bathed in a glassy, ​​deep blue color.

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Polar Night Lofoten Northern Norway

Residents of Northern Norway feel that they need a little more sleep and goes to bed perhaps somewhat earlier than in the summer. Otherwise most Northerners are experiencing few problems during the Polar Nights; there is no noticeable increase in depression and alcohol abuse.

A trip to Northern Norway during the Polar Nights is exciting: Fantastic, changing light during twilight and watching the Northern Lights when it is dark.

List of Norwegian places with Polar Nights. The dates indicate when the sun is below the horizon.

Svolvær: 7 December – 5 January

Harstad: 2 December – 10 January

Tromsø: 27 November – 15 January

Alta: 25 November – 17 January

Vardø: 23 November – 19 January

Hammerfest: 22 November – 20 January

Berlevåg: 21 November -21 January

North Cape: 20 November – 22 January

Longyearbyen: 26 October – 16 February

Northern Lights Northern Norway

Text modified by: Ester Jepsen

Source: nordnorge.com, Wikipedia

Photos by: nordnorge.com

Gif by: giphy.com

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  1. What a stunning image, I really like this, 🙂

  2. Those are really beautiful pictures. I grew up in northern Newfoundland, Canada and while we weren’t as far north as this, it got dark pretty early in the winter. I think there is something special about winter nights though.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Many people are always wondering how those living in the north survive from the dark nights.

  4. It’s amazing pictures, pictures I will remember.

  5. One day I will see the Northern Lights…one day.


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