The Sea Serpent in Lake Seljord

Lake Seljord Telemark Norway

Everyone has heard of Nessie, the sea serpent in Loch Ness, while very few outside Norway have heard of Selma in Lake Seljord, Telemark County. Somewhere down in the dark water lives a prehistoric animal that has been described in written sources from the mid-1700s.

Lake Seljord is 15 kilometers long, 1.8 kilometers wide and 150 meters deep. Many of the approximately 3.000 inhabitants in the municipality have observed Selma, and through the years several photos are taken.

Seljord Municipality Coat of Arms

The Seljord Municipality Coat of Arms.

One afternoon in July 2012, the Vefall and Haga families were at Lake Seljord when they suddenly observed what they now are convinced is Selma. In October 2011, an artistic observation tower was opened at the lake, and the Vefall family would show it to their guests from Southern Norway. Then suddenly something moved in the water.

– It was the sea serpent. We had visitors from the south, and they have laughed at us and have not believed us when we have talked about the sea serpent. They are now completely convinced that Selma exists, says Gunvor Vefall to

Vefall tells that already in the 70s her mother observed the sea serpent while she observed it for the first time in 1995.

– I almost dare not say I have seen it, I am just made ​​fun of, she says.

She was with her ​​sister, brother in law and her three children when what they believe is Selma, appeared. It was her daughter Lisbeth Vefall (17) who filmed the several meters long mysterious object.

Watch the video below and make up your own mind.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photo by: Unknown

Coat of Arms: Wikimedia Commons

Sources:, Wikipedia, YouTube

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