National Knitting Night – Results

National Knitting Night resultThe Team. From left: Hege-Therese Nilsen, Magda Handeland , Bente Karin Litleskare, Åse Brit Andreassen Meltvik , Vigdis Valde Frekhaug, Kristi Nilsen, Sandra Herøy In front: Rolf Gravdal

Last week’s minute-by-minute project aimed to set a new world record in the discipline “From Sheep to Sweater” on live TV. 1.3 million Norwegians tuned in on Friday night, and 90,000 followed the 12.5 hours long program!

– We are very happy with the show, says project manager Lise May Spissøy.

She tells that they realized early that they would not beat the world record.

– It was interesting to see if we were able to break the record. To beat the third place we had to be faster than 8:33:31.

Despite committed and motivated participants, it was unfortunately no world record. However, the group eight set a Norwegian record with the time 8:35:23.

– Since it is late in the year, the wool is very heavy. Had we done it in June, we would probably beat one of the records, says Coach Hege-Therese Nilsen.

She says the group was very motivated throughout the night, and that the sheep Fregneguri behaved well.

The reception from both home and abroad have been great, and NRK presented the show with an English commentary that was used by the British newspaper The Telegraph. England was also one of the countries where NRK’s knit evening was among the most popular topics on Twitter.

– We have received tweets from people in New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Canada and American, says Ingeborg Volan, project manager for social media at NRK.

What do you think should be NRK’s next slow TV project?


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photo: NRK

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