Women More Afraid of Flying than Men

Women More Afraid of Flying Than Men

(Photo: Norwegian.no)

According to a new survey Epinion has conducted on behalf of British Airways about fear of flying in the Nordic countries, Norwegian women feel significantly less comfortable when flying than men. In fact, there are 54 percent more likely that a woman does not enjoy flying.

– Women are probably better at putting words to their anxiety than men, says Knut Andreassen.

For almost 25 years, he has held courses for Norwegians who dislike flying.

– Men probably feel that they have to keep it hidden and it is considered as not a very masculine quality to have a fear of flying.

Turbulence, takeoff and landing most feared

While 11 percent of Norwegian men answered that they did not like to fly, the corresponding figures for women were 17 percent.

Men also felt more maladaptive in the departure hall, while women enjoyed themselves aboard the plane.

Both in terms of turbulence, takeoff and landing, there were more women than men who answered that they found this uncomfortable.

On the other hand, there are more men than women who feel that the actual waiting time before a flight is most uncomfortable, which implies that it is not the fear of flying as such men are struggling with, but rather impatience.

Can develop when becoming parents

Norwegians in their 40s are according to the survey the age group that dislikes flying the most, and one in five in this segment stated that they do not like to fly.

These figures are in line with Knut Andreassen experience.

– There are big differences and we have had participants from 16 to 75, but the bulk is probably between 30 and 50 years old, he says.

– Otherwise, we see that the fear of flying can develop when you get children. This applies to both men and women and whether it’s your first or fourth child.

According to the survey, Norwegians were somewhat more uncomfortable about flying than the Danes and Swedes.

The survey was conducted during the period 23 September – 3 October.


Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: Adressa

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