Anny (63) Felled Pine Tree – May Go to Jail

Saltdal Municipality Nordland

There are many pine trees in Saltdal municipality, and some are containing eagle nests. (Photo:

In December Anny Unosen (63) from Saltdal in NordlandCounty must attend a court hearing in Salten District Court. The reason is that she last October felled a pine tree on her own ranch. The tree contained an eagle nest. Therefore, she has been indicted by the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (ØKOKRIM). 

 – I really have no comment to this indictment by Norwegian authorities. I just feel so angry. It’s so crazy, how can this be possible, the 63 -year-old says to Nordland Newspaper

 – The pine tree was on my property. During the storm “Narve” many years ago, it took a beating, and I have ever since thought it should be cut down. No one warned me that the tree was protected because it was a nest in it. Anyway, I cut down the pine tree in October, long after the nesting season, Anny Unosen explains, who has got her self a lawyer. 


– We believe that the felling of a nesting tree violates the Nature Conservation Act. It is forbidden to do unnecessary damage to a nest. It is our opinion that the defendant last fall violated the law, says chief public prosecutor Terjei Istad in ØKOKRIM’s environmental team. 

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Golden Eagle

White-tailed eagles are on the list of endangered species. (Photo:

Should Anny Unosen be judged in court, she risks going to jail. The reason that Norwegian authorities want the case brought to court is based on how the tree felling has been carried out and the history of the nest.  

ØKOKRIM believes that the punishment must be severe. The neighbour, who helped her after the old pine tree was felled, has received 2000 dollars in fines.

 – A man suddenly appeared in the woods 

 Anny Unosen has constantly asked her self why she has not been notified that the tree was protected. 

 – When I needed help from the government, when my sheep were taken by wolverines and bears, no help was available. I was living too remote. When I have cut down an old pine tree, people suddenly show up, Unosen says.

 – Have you been questioned by the police? 

 – I have not heard anything. A man suddenly appeared in the woods and did something he characterized as an interrogation. Beyond that, I have not heard anything from the police, Anny Unosen says, who still believes that she acted in good faith.

Editor’s note: The eagle population in Norway is growing rapidly; neither Golden eagles nor White-tailed eagles are on the list of endangered species. 



Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: Avisa Nordland 



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