«Lilyhammer 2»: Bigger, Tougher and More Fun!

Lilyhammer 2 van Zandt

Steven Van Zandt (62) believes that “Lilyhammer 2” has a greater potential to become an international cult series. He promises that the upcoming season of the hit TV series “Lilyhammer” is going to be tougher, bigger and more fun!

– We have more money now, and we know how to use them, says Steven Van Zandt to NRK. He is more involved than ever, and also has responsibility for all the music, as well as a new “Lilyhammer”-theme.

He has spent several months in Norway over the last year, and last month he would finally reveal the first teasers from season two. Van Zandt promises that the second season will be even better than the first.

Cult Status

The first season received cult status in some circles, and despite the huge international success Van Zandt is not going to make the series more accessible to an international audience. He believes, however that the recipe is to focus on the unique and typical Norwegian.

– The more I see, the less I understand of you Norwegians, Steven Van Zandt chuckles. We have given the characters more depth this time. At the same time, you never know what’s going to happen – something we exploit to the fullest.

– Norway plays a special role in the series. This country is one of the great mysteries in the world, Van Zandt continues.

Over 130 countries bought the series so far, and it is the exact same episodes that are being aired in the U.S. as in Norway. Van Zandt says that Americans traditionally dislike shows with subtitles, but think the new series is better than the first.

Norwegian Courtesy

Lilyhammer 2 Main CharactersHe tells NRK that it has been an interesting journey to get acquainted with Norway. He believes Norwegians are emerging as a secret and mysterious crowd. Among other things, he mentions the Norwegian courtesy:

– You can say you are a highly developed civilization. We have many of the same laws in the U.S., but while you choose to follow the rules, Americans do not care and do what they want, he explains.

Van Zandt’s character Frank Tagliano follows neither the Law of Jante nor Norwegian courtesy. In season two however, he faces tough competition when he is introduced to a loud, arch British trouble maker.

The new season also features family life, car chase, big guns and half-naked women.

Lilyhammer 2 premieres on Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) on October 23rd.

Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photos: NRK 

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