What’s on? Oslo Book Festival – September 13th and 14th

Oslo Bokfestival 2013Oslo bokfestival (Oslo Book Festival) is Norway’s largest celebration of the book and was held for the first time in 2010.

The festival aims to increase people’s literary interests and they also want to honor the book itself. Both national and international authors are visiting, and organizer Mari Reinholt Aas is looking forward to the arrangement:

– We have great expectations for this year’s festival. Last year we had over 100,000 visitors, and we wish to follow up that success this year.

Oslo Bokfestival BokLoveOn September 13 and 14, Oslo city center is filled by hundreds of literary events. The festival is held at several venues, and the main stage is located at Spikersuppa between the Parliament and the National Theater. Believe it or not: All events are free!

There are shows for both young and old readers, and the festival can offer renowned Norwegian and international authors.

A press release states that the Oslo bokfestival will present a broad and engaging program where every visitor can find something to their interest. The program includes lectures on crime literature, World War II, family relationships, poetry and a knitting show.

Norwegian writers who visit the festival include Lars Saabye Christensen, Roy Jacobsen, Herbjørg Wassmo, Frode Grytten, Helga Flatland and Are Kalvø. In addition, international writers like Jonas Gardell, Victoria Hislop, Tim Webb, Rhidian Brook and Boualem Sansal will also be present.

Visitors also get the chance to see the Flying Culinary Circus show, go on courses with a sushi chef, learn knitting techniques from the popular designers Arne and Carlos, or even learn how to brew beer with Colin Eick and Thomas Horne. In the evening there will be live music from the Norwegian band Bare Egil Band.

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Oslo Bokfestival samtaleYesterday, various shows were organized for school children from the Oslo area, but the official opening takes place today on September 13 at 4:00 pm (Norwegian time).

Den norske Forleggerforening (The Norwegian Publishers Association) and Bokhandlerforeningen (The Norwegian Booksellers Association) are organizing the festival. Both the publishers and booksellers are involved in the effort to create the largest book festival in Norway.

If you are visiting Oslo this weekend, we recommend you to stop by the Oslo Book Festival 2013!

Click here to see the program (in Norwegian)


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and logo: Oslo bokfestival

Photo: Barnesteder, bottom photo by Oslo bokfestival

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