The Sound of the Bronze Age

Bronze Lure Rock CarvingsRock carving from Alta showing a person to the left possibly holding a lure. (Photo: NRK)

Musician Jens Kloster from Tromsø has trough research recreated a 3000 years old Bronze Age lure.

The trombonist had been asked to play on an authentic lure owned by the University Museum of Bergen at an event organized by the Tromsø Museum.

– When I was going to return the original bronze lure, I cried. This is cultural heritage, it is the mother instrument for all of us who play wind instruments, says Kloster.

(Article continues)Bronze Lure Jens og Gaute Jens Kloster (left) and Gaute Vikdal playing on new lures. (Photo: NRK) 

– Impossible to recreate

After trying the 3000 years old bronze lure, Kloster decided that he would acquire this type of instrument.

– It was not easy to obtain, so I decided to ask a bronze smith if he could assist me in recreating one. He would like to help, but said that he was not able to.

Along with Gaute Vikdal in Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Kloster started to recreate ancient lures.

They used scanning and 3D technique. Now they have made their own version of the instrument.

– Special musical composition

Composer Bjørn Andor Drage has already written a piece for the bronze lure.

– This is great music history research, says Drage.

Kloster and Vikdal are planning to gradually make more.

– It’s about conveying the Bronze Age. It is an ancient culture we now can learn more about. Several stone carvings show that they actually played on bronze lures, says Jens Kloster.

Listen to the sound of the historic instrument here:


Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog

Source: NRK

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