Political Propaganda Posters – A Forgotten Art Form

Through artistic expressions, the old poster artists managed to convey what many politicians are struggling with today: To communicate a clear political message with few words and simple means.


It is less than two weeks until the parliamentary election on September 9, and Norwegians are bombarded in all media channels with talkative politicians and endless political debates. Many voters are more confused than enlightened, and have a hard time deciding which party they should vote for.

In the 1930s, Norway’s biggest political party was the Labour Party, followed by the Conservatives, Liberals and the Agrarian Party. The decade was marked by economic crisis, high unemployment and fear of war. It is interesting to see that the powerful poster messages still reflect the parties’ core values. Maybe the party strategists should hire skilled poster artists as a refreshing alternative to current PR agencies?

(Click on the posters below for full resolution.)




Lithography 1930. Text: “The Norwegian Labour Party” Artist Erling Nielsen (1897-1954)


Lithography 1933.  Parliamentary election slogan: “All the people to work. Town and country hand in hand. The Norwegian Labour Party” Artist Erling Nielsen (1897-1954)


Lithography 1936. Parliamentary election slogan: “Young people to work. Vote with the Norwegian Labour Party!” Artist Sverre Ørn-Evensen (1905-1966)

Et fritt folk i et fritt land - Høire

Lithography 1936. Parliamentary election slogan: “A free people in a free country. Vote Conservatives” Artist Niels Røhder


Lithography 1930s. Text: “Out of the Crisis! All people to useful work. Vote Liberals” Artist unknown.

Til vern og trygd om heim og bygd - Senterpartiet

Lithography 1930s.Text: “For the protection and security of home and village. Agrarian Party” Year unknown, but probably from the 1936 election campaign. Artist unknown.

Text by: ThorLanesskog, ThorNews

Posters by: National Library of Norway

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