Reindeer Pâté with Juniper Berries

Reindeer Pate

Reindeer meat is an exclusive commodity with a lovely taste of Arctic mountains and plains that are available in most Norwegian stores. Homemade reindeer pâté is incredibly exciting and impressive as both appetizer and buffet.


11 oz. (300 g) pig liver

9 oz. (250 g) bacon (whole piece)

7 oz. 200 g reindeer meat

 ½ onion

½ cup (1 dl) flour

2 pcs anchovy fillets

2 eggs

½ cup (1 dl) heavy cream

¼ cup (½ dl) beef broth

2 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

½ tsp grated nutmeg

3 juniper berries



1. Cut pig liver and bacon into cubes.

2. Mix liver and reindeer meat, bacon and the other ingredients, except from the heavy cream and broth in a food processor. Run at full speed for a few seconds. Reduce to approx. half speed while adding broth and cream. Increase the speed and mix well.

3. Pour the mix into a greased casserole dish that holds approx. ½ gal (1 1/2 l).

4. Place the casserole dish in a roasting pan with water and bake in the oven at 350 F (175 ° C) for approx. 1 hour. To Ensure that the pâté is fully baked, use a cooking thermometer. The core temperature should be 169 F (76 ° C).


1. Make dark aspic jelly according to instructions on package. Allow it to cool. It is important that also the pâté is cooled before decorating.

2. Pour some of the aspic over the pâté and let it rest. Garnish with sliced ​​mushrooms, pink peppercorns, fresh herbs, capers, silver onions, tangerines, etc.

3. Pour gently into the remaining aspic so that it covers all the decorations.

4. Put the pâté into the fridge until the aspic has thickened.

God appetitt!

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Recipe modified by: ThorNews

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  1. Sorry, but there is more pork than reindeer in this pate to name it “Reindeer” lol! Even though I have never tried reindeer, I am sure it is very yummy. Thanks for the peek into your culture. I am really enjoying browsing around.

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