Funny And Weird Film Title Translations

Saturday Night Fever LørdagskjøretAmerican and UK films are very popular in Norway, but every once in a while we can only wonder what is actually going on inside the translator’s head when he/she is working with a new title. Take a look at the titles below and have a laugh.

Please leave us a comment if you know any other funny and/or weird translations!



(-‘Original Title’: Norwegian title = Norwegian title translated)

-‘The Onion Field’: Patruljebil 6Z4 svarer ikke = Police Patrol 6Z4 Not Responding

-‘Europa, Europa’: Jøde i Hitlerjugend = Jew In Hitler Jugend

– ‘The Maid’: Hjelp, jeg er hushjelp! = Help, I’m A Housekeeper!

-‘Volunteers’: Hjelp, vi får hjelp! = Help, We’re Getting Help!

-‘Saturday Night Fever’: Lørdagskjøret = The Saturday Drive

-‘In The Shadows’: Something in the Shadows

-‘Monsters in the Closet’: Skapulf = Monster Joe

-‘Blue Movies’: Hjelp, vi lager pornofilm! = Help, We’re Making Porn!

-‘Spinal Tap’: Hjelp, vi er i rockebransjen! = Help, We’re In The Rock Business!

-‘Two Can Play That Game’: How To Make Your Man Behave In Ten Days (!)

-‘The Misfit Brigade’: Døden på larveføtter = Death On Caterpillar Feet

-‘If Lucy Fell’: Tro, håp og selvmord = Faith, Hope And Suicide

-‘Keeping the faith’: Tro, håp og forviklinger = Faith, Hope and Entanglement

-‘Airplane’: Hjelp, vi flyr! = Help, We’re Flying!

-‘Vasectomy’: Hjelp, vi har visst for mange barn! = Help, We Have Too Many Children!

-‘Opportunity Knocks’: Hjelp, jeg er blitt sjef! = Help, I Have Become Boss!

-‘The Slightly Pregnant Man’: Hjelp, min mann er gravid! = Help, My Husband is Pregnant!

-‘Every man needs one’: Hjelp, vi blir forelsket! = Help, We’re in Love!


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: NRK

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  1. Help, I can’t think of another format for movie titles!

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