ThorNews Wishes You a Great Summer Holiday!

Summer flowers

To all our loyal subscribers, followers and readers!

For Norwegians, summer is an important time for relaxation. This year, nearly one million Norwegians travel to southern Europe to embrace the sun, the beaches and the pleasant temperature. Many people visit their cabin – either by the sea or in the mountains.

Summer vacation is an important part of Norwegian culture, and Norwegian schoolchildren are pleased with whole two months. Ordinary workers have 4-5 weeks.

ThorNews’ editorial staff is limited – and need a vacation to recuperate and gather new inspiration. However – do not despair – we’re back with new articles from July 29th.

While the northern hemisphere is entering summer and the sun gives us new energy, you dear readers have the chance to read (read again?) articles from our exciting archive:Heart Skies

Do you remember what was hidden inside the Mysterious Bag in Velfjord?

Or, do you want to surprise friends and guests with the Norwegian Kvæfjordkake – The World’s Best Cake?

Perhaps you are an active fisherman, and your biggest dream is to catch The World’s Largest Halibut?

Do you want your own Bunad? Get inspiration from one of our wonderful national costumes here.

Vacationing in Norway this summer? Then you should try to visit these Music Festivals!

Tired of crowded beaches and annoying melon sellers? Visit Anton Beach on Jøa.

Hungry for something exotic? In Norway you can eat Sausages made ​​from Crocodile, Bison and Ostrich!

Ever wonder who Norwegians really are? Read this story about the different types.

Did you know that in 1,418 people are Living in Hell?

Want to explore an undiscovered ‘Norway in miniature’? Discover Vikna!

Last but not least: Where can you buy the cheapest beer in Oslo? See the list here.


Remember: You can also read all our articles by clicking on the different categories!


We wish you a great summer with lots of sun, and hope you will make pleasant memories!



Kissing shells

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