Rose Buds Grew Inside Rose – ‘Extremely Rare’ Says Botanists

– I have grown some roses in my life, but I have never seen such a thing, says botanist at the NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, Egil Ingvar Aune.Roser - med roser inniThe owner, Inger Wedde got her 15-minutes-of-fame due to her exceptional rose: Inside one of the flowers, two new rose buds are growing in a completely different color. Aune thinks it looks like dwarf flower buds that have failed to develop fully.

Wedde, coming from Steinkjer in Nord-Trøndelag, do not know what type of rose it is. She bought it in a regular flower shop several weeks ago.

– When there was only one rose left, I placed it on the balcony. After a while, two buds started to grow inside the flower, she says.

Not only did the two buds grow from inside the rose, but they were also different kind of roses, with a different color.

According to Aune, it is not entirely uncommon but still pretty special. He thinks the phenomenon may have occurred because of temperature change, and that the rose got an injury when it was moved outdoors.

– The really special part is that the new buds have a different color. It might actually be a genetic mutation, and the modifications in genetic material may have resulted in several changes – for instance color.

Have you experienced anything like this? Please send us a comment!


Text translated and modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photo: NRK



ThorNews got this lovely mail and photo from Loretta McLaughlin, Australia in the end of March 2017:

Hi Thor,

Your article and picture from four years ago was still the only reference we could find on the net that showed a rose inside a rose. We cut this rose a few days ago so you can imagine our surprise when we started seeing more buds bloom right from the middle. I was interested in the botanist’s view that it could be temperature related.

We are in Western Sydney, Australia and had a heat wave where the temperature was exceeding 40 degrees daily followed by weeks of heavy rain.

Rose Buds Inside a Rose Australia

Loretta and her partner Darren are living in Mount Annan which is where the National Botanical Gardens are, just on the outskirts of Sydney.

– I think my partner is looking forward to winter coming on and a bit less work in the garden!, Loretta writes.


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39 replies

  1. Looks like a Peace rose. Very pretty!

  2. I have several roses that have grown roses inside a rose!! Does anyone know why this happens?

    • I have had this happen on my rosebush this year and I have several blooms that did this. One has 3 blooms in it. They are pretty but had never seen this before. I live in Phoenix Arizona

  3. One flower on my rosé bush Coral Palace also has another rosé growing from it. It’s the same rosé. Never seen anything like it before, it’s very special.

  4. I have an Angel Face Rose since 2006 and in 2012 the rose grown three buds inside the flower. I took a photo of it and I was searching for an answer or if anyone had the same experiences…

  5. We bought a miniature rose plant about a month ago and I saw this today. One flower looks like it has several buds inside. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I don’t see a way to post a picture here, though.

    • Hi Donna! Fascinating.

      Please send the picture to info.thornews(at) – and I will post it!


      • Go to Facebook carole donahue, to see pictures of the rose, with 3 buds inside.picture was taken on Dec 31, 2017. In Redlands, California. You can also go to instagram under carole donahue.

  6. if you look on my facebook i just grew one!!!!! lol i mean 2

  7. I have a rose that has 11 rosebuds inside it. So spectacular .

  8. We have three buds in one rose.

  9. I have two roses doing the same!

  10. I have one growing now. It is a bit difficult to get a really good picture of being that it is a miniature rose. It is lovely (to me anyway)

  11. My double delight rose is doing this now

  12. My double delight climber is doing this on all the flowers

  13. My Easy Does It rose produced a bloom with three buds in the center.

  14. Just experienced this Amazing and beautiful Rose clipped from my Garden a week ago, i noticed as all the other Roses where blooming normally this ONE Rose seemed pretty unusual as far as size, two days later i glanced at the roses again to notice two beautiful buds growing out of this ONE ROSE! the same rose i thought looked unusal, I WAS TOTALLY AMAZED! being that i have NEVER seen or heard anything like this before. Can you please tell me how this is even possable? And what is the meaning behind this rear occurrence..

  15. I just found my taller orange rose has 2 or 3 buds within the rose. It has never done this before. This rose has been growing in the same spot for about 6 years. It has more roses than general but they are smaller.

    We had so much rain this year. We are just coming out of a multi year drought so maybe the shock sent this rose into overdrive.

    This rose has always been a color change rose. It buds in bright orange and opens to a paler orange. I will try to remember the name.

  16. I have also experienced the same. I find it facinating. I have never seen anything like it. I wish i knew how to attach a picture of it on here. Mine has two new buds as well.

  17. I just went out and saw this on a bush of mine. Multiple buds on multiple roses. There have to be 6 separate roses on this bush. All of the roses have them. The one that I accidentally broke off has 12+ buds in the rose. It’s been in the same place for 7 yrs. It’s amazing and so interesting!!!

  18. I got a double bud in one rose. The next week I found a triple bud in one rose. Never have seen this happening. Have my rose bush for more than 8 years. Trying to research about this abnormalities.

  19. I actually have rose buds growing in my rose here in Bakersfield CA!

  20. I 2 hv dis rare phenomenon in my terrace garden.

  21. I just found this article because I have a large white climbing rose on our front patio, and I found 3 roses in a bunch and all 3 of them have dark pink roses growing out of the white roses.
    I’ve taken many pictures of there is a place to send them. So glad I found another occurrence of this!

    Justin – Oakland, California

  22. Fascinating! I have one rose plant right now that’s doing the same. It’s producing rose buds within the center of the flower. When the main flower dies, the buds then bloom and it’s the same color as the main flower. This never happens before and I’ve had this plant for several years now. It is pretty. I will send you the pictures via email.

  23. I have this in Portugal with two rose bushes and every rose grows like this

  24. I have this rose plant in my garden since last one year. All flowers were normal until the two flowers we had recently. One is having three rose buds and another one. At the same time we are having two perfectly normal flowers. It was intersting to know that this is not a common occurence. Thanks for sharing this insight.

  25. Unfortunately I do not know how to get pic up up but we got a red rose which is growing in two buds about 5-6 buds each! It’s on the more shady side! This Rose isn’t a real bushy rose and it went through two moves within our garden! Now I saw this and I’m amazed! I’ll try to upload pic! Would appreciate comment

  26. My whole plant is doing this right now

  27. I have a rose bush growing in my Rose … Not sure about the bus color yet but the Rose is light pink. Can I get something published similarly ??

  28. Just yesterday i noticed one of my rose flower have a buds growing inside it, i assumed it was infected with some disease until i read you article that this is something special, i live in South Australia and we experienced hot weather, i am just hoping the buds will come out in different colours as the other had. Regards.

  29. I’m horticulturist at a retail nursery in the PNW, and a lady came in today with her miniature rosr and showed us an odd feature that just surfaced after 14 years in her pot very similar to the picture above. I took a picture but don’t know how to post it.

  30. Hi, this is Amit from India. I too have a rose with several buds inside. Its still growing so curious to see the progress.

  31. I live in San Jose CA I rented where these rose bushes are some 20+ yrs old one year I noticed a red rose growing in a red rose that wasn’t mature yet & looked dead 2weeks later. They were both bright red but had not yet bloomed can anyone explain? I’m not seeing an option for upload photos

  32. I have one growing in my garden right now!

  33. I have two rose bushes doing this in Pomona California USA. I didn’t know this was rare but I do enjoy those getting ready to bloom their second bloom. I would post a photo of this was an option.

  34. I came across this rose inside rose there are 5 to 6 but no colour change it is blooming waiting to see how much will it bloom. Temperature is 40 degree max and 26 degree min . getting full sunlight for 12 hour it is on terrace in 100 lt drum. Eger to know what is happening as you told might be genetic mutation. May be more research needed in this field.

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