Idyllic Anton Beach, Jøa: Guaranteed No Melon Sellers

Anton Beach 1If you have plenty of time and money, and also are tired of intrusive melon sellers, grumpy tourists and sunburn – then Anton Beach on the island of Jøa is an excellent alternative. ThorNews guarantees crystal clear water, clean air, and a place where you can be completely alone.

Norway is known for its fjords, mountains and mythical landscapes – and not for its long, sandy beaches. If you want to take a swim, you have to expect to climb down steep mountain sides, balancing on rocks or be cut by razor-sharp shells. One of the few exceptions is Anton Beach: This is a real sand beach although it is only about 164 feet/ 50 meters long (ThorNews’ measurements). The somewhat special name derives from the original landowner.

Anton Beach is located in the middle of Norway, on the island of Jøa in Fosnes municipality. The 55.3-square-km (21.4 sq mi) island is partially forested with the southern part being flat and marshy and the northern part being more mountainous. Jøa has very beautiful scenery, and has been inhabited since the Iron Age (See Google Maps).

(article continues below image)Anton Beach 2Some distances (kilometers / miles):

New-York: 5807 km / 3608 miles

Los Angeles: 8254 km / 5129 miles

Huston, Texas: 7823 km / 4861 miles

London: 1555 km / 966 miles

Hamburg: 1178 km / 732 miles

Rome: 2475 km / 1538 miles

Ulan Bator: 5594 km / 3476 miles


Travel suggestion:

Book a flight to Oslo, then to Namsos in Nord-Trøndelag County. Rent a car and drive to Jøa. Travel time Namsos – Jøa: Approximately one hour, including ferry.

Bring your own tent – it is difficult to find accommodation!

Deckchair rental: No

Beach-shower: No

Accessible public restroom: No

Restaurant / Bar: No

Shop: 3.1 miles/ 5 km

Permitted for nudists: No, but if you are nude, no one sees you anyway.

Total silence: Yes

Adventure of a lifetime: Yes


Welcome to Anton Beach!

Text and photos by: ThorNews © 2013

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2 replies

  1. What a fabulous, off-the-beaten-path place.

  2. One of Norway’s most famous authors used to live on the island. He wrote a lot about the place, and we will write about him later. 😉

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