Spent Six Months Building the Royal Palace in LEGO

LEGO royal palaceThey had to use 100,000 LEGO’s to build a miniature version of the Norwegian Royal Palace.

– It is the great urge to create something, to build something and feel that you can really be creative using thousands of LEGO blocks that keep us going, says Morten Dalermoen, member of Brikkelauget (English: “Tile Guild”).

The LEGO enthusiasts in Brikkelauget have built several smaller sections to make the mounting easier. They have spent a lot of time preparing for the finale.

– We spent approximately six months from initial inspection to final result. It is not completely finished at the moment, but it will be by Saturday when the Palace opens. Then all the details will be in place, Dalermoen told NRK.

The model containing 100,000 pieces will be on display at the Royal Palace for two months.

– We think it’s very funny. Actually quite amazing, because the model, which is built in scale 1:40, is so meticulous. No details are left behind, says tour manager at the Royal Palace, Nina Høye.

LEGO royal palace 3

The Norwegian Royal Family is waving from the balcony facing the Karl Johan Street

LEGO royal palace 2The Royal Family is escorted from the Royal Palace in their Royal Car, A-2 

Text translated by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photos: NRK

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