Smiling Dresses from tulip&tatamo

tulipogtatamoThe adventure began one evening in 2001, when the two ladies behind tulip&tatamo became tired of working with clothes without personality. Right there and then, they decided to make clothes for people who want to give a big smile to the world.

Designers Line and Katarina had a burning desire to make women’s clothing that was comfortable as well as elegant and special. It turned out to become a success.

tuipogtatamo2The girls’ vision is to make quality one-of-a-kind dresses with a style and shape that suits everyone. “Slow fashion” is a trend that characterizes their design; a time-neutral dress that can be worn year after year, but to tulip&tatamo time-neutral dresses is not equivalent with boring dresses – far from it!

Their big breakthrough came in 2003, when Norwegian princess Märtha Louise wore one of their gorgeous bright-yellow dresses at the wedding of the crown prince of Spain.

There is much genuine love woven in every garment. Although Line and Katarina are best known for their unique dresses, the girls have an exciting and expanded range of coats, sweaters and skirts.

It is no secret that tulip&tatamo love hearts. The girls think that neither the soul nor body could exist without heart, and that it is a wonderful symbol with a decorative shape. Therefore, hearts have become one of their most frequent trademarks.



Visit their blog and see more beautiful dresses from tulip&tatamo here.

You can also visit the tulip&tatamo shop in Pilestredet 41, Oslo City Center, 10 min walk from the Royal Castle, or take tram no. 11, 17 and 18 to Høyskolesenteret.







Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photos: tulip&tatamo blog, tulip&tatamo homepage

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