For Sale: Small Norwegian Village with Hotel

For Sale - VillageThe beautiful property Finnabotn in Sognefjord consists of two houses, one small hotel, an abandoned farm, a boathouse and nearly 2500 acres of beautiful nature – but no Norwegians want to live there.

Asking price is 5.5 million Norwegian kroner, just over 900,000 dollars. To lower the price is not an option.

– The property is so special that we must assume that it will take time to find the right buyer. Many people are curious, but few are really interested in buying it, says real estate agent Baste Bolstad from Aktiv Eiendom.

Unique LandscapeFor Sale - LandskapFinnabotn is the smallest fjord in Sognefjorden, but is referred to as the most spectacular. High mountains plunge straight into the sea, and the whole landscape is part of the protected area of Stølsheimen.

The little village consists of two houses, an abandoned farm and a small hotel. Actually, there are three properties that can be sold together or separately. The total cost of the three properties is in excess of 10 million Norwegian kroner, about 1.7 million dollars.

The main property, which consists of a hotel and a detached house, measures approximately 1900 acres, (750 dekar). The other measures around 470 acres, (190 dekar).

Neither Road nor Mobile ConnectionFor Sale - bedroomsHowever, there are no roads connecting the village to civilization. And the cell phone connection is absent.

– On the one hand that makes it more difficult to sell. On the other hand, it is precisely what some people want – the absence of technology. They have the ability to be free, says Bolstad.

He envisions two possible buyers: Either someone who wants to have the property as a spectacular resort, or someone who will run the guest house and restaurant for tourists.

The property has recently been restored, and comes with its own deer hunting license. The hotel has 9 rooms with tiled bathrooms, a large dining room and a bar. The view is breathtaking.

See more photos from the property on here (Norwegian Ebay).


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Finn, Aftenposten

Photos: Finn

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