Lambda! New Munch Museum in Oslo!

Lambda - New Munch MuseumToday, after a long waiting period a final decision has been made: The new Munch Museum – “Lambda” – will be built as originally planned in Bjørvika in Oslo. Munch-enthusiasts and Oslo citizens should celebrate this historical event by drinking champagne and “dancing Lambada”!

After political compromise and horse-trading, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, the Socialist Left Party and the Christian Democratic Party – all parties in the Oslo City Council – finally agreed about the location. The formal decision will be made in Oslo City Council on June 5.

The Social Left Party has until now been against the location, but has reversed. The reason is that the party has reached an agreement with the City Council about new area development at Tøyen, an Oslo neighbourhood where the MunchMuseum is located today.

Lambda” is designed by the world-renowned Spanish architect Juan Herreros, who of course is very pleased with the decision. Munch’s new home is likely to be completed in 2018.

ThorNews has previously written about the localization conflict that has been going on since 2009:

“Norway does not have many world-renowned names. Edvard Munch is an exception. His art draws full houses when exhibited – at least outside the country”.

You can read the whole article here: Edvard Munch Screaming for a New Home

Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photo by: MIR/ Herreros Arquitectos

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