Sophisticated Scandinavian Design by Cecilie Melli

Cecilie Melli - photoCecilie Melli means love for feminine and sophisticated fashion. The awarded designer combines classic silhouettes with exclusive details, giving sober Scandinavian design a continental look.

Cecilie Melli was founded in 2004 by Norwegian fashion designer Cecilie Melli. She is educated from Esmod in Oslo and Paris.

Her vision is to create feminine and beautiful women’s wear and accessories, and she has a devoted respect for the customer and the product. Cecilie Melli considers it her responsibility as a service to share her knowledge and love for design through first-class products.

The design from Cecilie Melli emphasizes excellent quality and craftsmanship. The finest lace, silks and fabrics are sourced, cut and sewn by highly skilled craftsmen.

The women’s wear, bridal gowns and cocktail dresses are famous for their simplicity and fine details. The silhouettes are feminine, yet bold. Cecilie Melli has a soft and edgy color palette, using colors like cream white, dusty pink, emerald green and bright yellow.

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Cecilie Melli - dressesCecilie Melli bridal pieces blend individual dreams with professional craftsmanship. Customer’s wishes, technical essentials and aesthetics are very important elements for the staff working at Cecilie Melli. They are all highly experienced and well educated.

Cecilie Melli’s accessories include products like earrings, silk shawls, rings, bracelets, handbags and necklaces. They express a variety of inspiration sources, ranging from the Norwegian fauna to extravagant fashion icons.

The most recent project is the design and manufacturing of fish skin bags which is a beautiful and sustainable material, perfect for sophisticated fashion products.

The company has an ongoing cooperation with the Pro-Senteret, a center for prostitutes in Oslo, where the girls are packing the accessories ready for the retailers. This is an important job that has to be done, but also provides the users of Pro-Senteret an opportunity to get work training.

(article continues below image)Cecilie Melli - Russia ESC 2013Last weekend, the 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) was held in Malmø, Sweden where the Russian contestant Dina Garipova (photo above) wore a dress from Cecilie Melli. The dress was specially designed for Garipova, and she received many compliments from all over Europe.

It is not the first time that an artist has been seen in Melli’s design. During last year’s Cannes festival, Paris Hilton was wearing one of her dresses, and several Norwegian celebrities are regular customers at Cecilie Melli.

See more of Cecilie Melli’s beautiful design here.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Cecilie Melli

Photos from top: Dagbladet, MadeinNorwayNow, Dagbladet

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