Pickled Mackerel – Traditional Summer Food

Pickled mackerelDuring the summer months, Norwegian fjords are packed with mackerel. It is very easy to catch – and willingly takes the bait. But how do we cook mackerel? Here is a suggestion you should try out: Pickled mackerel is a traditional Norwegian dish that can easily be varied with different supplements such as cucumber salad, sour cream and horseradish cream.

Serves 4


2 lbs (ca 800g) mackerel fillets, without skin and bones

Salt and pepper

1 red chili


1 tablespoon fresh ginger



0.8 cups (2dl) white wine vinegar

2 tablespoons salt

0.4 cups (1dl) sugar

1 teaspoon whole black pepper

1 red onion


Horseradish Cream:

0.8 cups (1dl) crème fraîche

1 tablespoon horseradish



Boiled potatoes

Cucumber salad



Split each mackerel fillet in half.

Finely chop chili, lemongrass and fresh ginger.

Bring all ingredients (except the mackerel) to boil, and stir well to dissolve the salt and sugar. Let it rest for about 10 minutes.

Add the mackerel fillets, give them a quick boil, remove the pan from the heat, and let it cool.

Mix the horseradish cream and flavor it with salt, pepper and sugar. Let it rest for about one hour to pull out the flavor.

Serve the mackerel cold with boiled potatoes, cucumber salad and horseradish cream.


Text modified by: ThorNews

Recipe and photo by: Godfisk

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