Klostergården Håndbryggeri – Brewing in Monastery Ruins

Amber Beer KlostergårdenLocated in medieval Cestercian monastery ruins dated back to 1207AD, on the beautiful island of Tautra in central Norway – you find Klostergården. It is owned and run by Ståle Anderssen and his son Jørn Gunnarson Anderssen. In 2009, Jørn and his family returned home to Tautra with the desire to develop and manage the family business.

Beer brewer JørnIn Klostergården you can rent a room and eat delicious homemade Norwegian food in the family’s restaurant. In the farm shop you can buy herbal soaps and ointments produced by the nuns of the new Maria monastery, locally produced cheeses and cured meats – and Jørn’s beer produced at the farm’s microbrewery.

Jørn tells ThorNews that he has been making beer for five years, and that it is sold in the farm shop and in the restaurant. This year, he has been given permission to sell beer with an alcoholic content of up to 4.7% through ordinary grocery stores.

– I look to the U.S. and produce beer based on the American craft brewery tradition, Jørn says.

Today he produces eight different types of well-balanced, classical beers: Pale Ale, Bitter, Stout, Porter, Amber, Brown Ale, Blonde and Wit. He will also produce “Sorn”, a beer based on ancient traditions from the Stjørdal area in Trøndelag.

Beer from Klostergården has won numerous awards in the Trøndelag Craft Beer Championships (Trøndersk Mesterskap i håndverksbrygging) – which documents the excellent quality.

ThorNews has tasted the different types, and can only say the following: Skål! (Cheers!) – To all who are brewing handcrafted beers locally!

Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photos by: ThorNews


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