Freia Milk Chocolate – A Part of the Norwegian Spirit

Freia melkesjokoladeIn 1906, the Norwegian Freia Chocolate Factory launched a product that would become a bestseller and a national trademark aligned with the Norwegian flag, Henrik Ibsen and cross-country skiing: Freia Melkechokolade (Freia Milk Chocolate).

The company presented their new product as a “Cheerful chocolate that helps to preserve the mind’s joyfulness”. In 1916, the name was changed to Norsk Melke-chokolade to emphasize the Norwegian grammar. Four years later the chocolate was renamed Norsk Melk Chokolade – which was contrary to the contemporary spelling rules. The reason was probably that the spelling focused on milk as an important part of the Norwegian public health.

Freia melkesjokolade grünerløkkaTheir very first slogan was “The Best Chocolate in Europe”. In 1926, Freia launched their classic paper wrap design with cows on summer pastures – which is still in use. After the Second World War, the chocolate got its present name: Freia Melkesjokolade, which means we are back to the original name from 1906, but with a modern orthography.

In the harsh 1930s, Freia Milk Chocolate was marketed as follows: “This top quality chocolate is made by Norwegian milk with Norwegian capital and Norwegian workers”.

Photo on the left shows the importance of Freia Melkesjokolade in Norway. The art piece is located in Grünerløkka neighborhood in Oslo. (Photo by: Metro Centric)

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Slogans for Freia Milk Chocolate through the ages:

1906: Europas beste spisesjokolade – The Best Chocolate in Europe

1926: Ingen over ingen ved siden – None Above

1967: Kjøp en, da vel! – Come On, Buy One!

1975: Finnes det bedre sjokolade? – Is There a Better Chocolate?

1978: Et lite stykke Norge – A Little Piece of Norway

1983: Smaken du aldri glemmer – The Taste You Will Never Forget

1984: Den første sjokoladen du ble glad i – The First Chocolate You Ever Loved

1985: Hele Norges sjokolade – The Norwegian Chocolate

1985: … alle nordmenns felleseie – Every Norwegian’s Property

2002: Små gode øyeblikk – Small, Happy Moments

2004: Smaken du alltid kommer tilbake til – The Taste You Will Always Return To


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Freia, Typisk Norsk; Dinamo Forlag, 2005

Top photo: Freia

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