Oslo’s New Neighborhood by the Fjord

Bjørvika 2016 - 1Bjørvika 2016 as seen from the air (Illustration by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration / Via Nova)

Earlier it was a freeway and a closed container terminal. Now it is a huge construction site. But in three years from now, Oslo gets a new neighborhood by the fjord.

The illustrations below show how the Bjørvika area will look like when the construction work is completed in 2016 – 2017.

Bjørvika 2016 - 2Bjørvika 2016: Deichman, Queen Eufemia`s Street and Oslo Opera House (Illustration by  The Norwegian Public Roads Administration/ Via Nova)

Deichman: The new main library in five floors (to the right) will be completed in the beginning of the year 2016-2017. Contains book collection, movie theater, reading room, cafe and small children’s department.

Queen Eufemia’s Street: Bjørvikas Avenue (to the right of Deichman), over 40 meters wide – contains tram routes, bus lanes, cycle lanes and ordinary car traffic. Granite covered sidewalks on both sides and 200 trees from different parts of the world will be planted from east to west by country of origin.

Oslo Opera House (to the right) was opened on 12 April 2008.

Bjørvika 2016 - 3Bjørvika 2016: Håkon 5’s Street – the street is running along the Oslo Medieval Park (Illustration by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration / Via Nova). 

Bjørvika 2016 - 4Bjørvika 2016: The Aker River will regain its glory (Illustration by Placebo Effects AS)

Bjørvika 2016 - 5Bjørvika 2016: Bispekilen – connects the Oslo Fjord and Oslo Old City (Illustration by Placebo Effects AS)

Bjørvika 2016 - 6Bjørvika 2016: Langkaia (Oslo Long Pier) – passing Havnelageret (Oslo old harbor warehouse) and is 200 meters long. The Oslo Opera House can be seen in the background (Illustration by Placebo Effects AS).

Text by: ThorNews

Source: Osloby

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  1. Wow, ambitious plan. But it looks beautiful. I hope it happens. I think I would prefer native species trees, though, where they want to plant trees from around the world.

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