The Nordic Crocodile: Pike

Pike Norway 2009In ThorNews’ series of record fish, we have come to the freshwater fish pike – often called the “Nordic Crocodile” because it is omnivorous and very aggressive. In Norway, it is primarily located in Eastern and Middle Norway, Troms and Finnmark. Pike is a popular fish among anglers and the hunt is seen as very exciting. It tastes great and is used for pike cakes – a traditional Norwegian dish.

Pike can often be found in places with a lot of vegetation like under water lily leaves and reeds. It is a voracious predator with sharp teeth that mostly eats whatever it comes across – other fish, frogs, water rats and waders. The pike is very quick and can make lightning attacks. However, it is not a particularly persistent swimmer and is therefore often resting in dense vegetation waiting for a suitable prey. In winter time, the pike often moves to deeper waters. The spawning period is from April-May.

The official and current Norwegian pike record was set on 19 November 2011 fishing on a wobbler by Petter Støttum, catching a pike at 18.74 kg caught in Lake Øyeren.

(article continues)Pike Norway 2011The top photo shows Ivar Holte in May 2009, when he was only 14 years old, catching a pike of 15 kilos in Reddalsvannet, Grimstad Municipality. It took only five minutes from the fish took the bait until it was hauled aboard.

The bottom photo shows Jørgen Asplund who on 2 May 2011 caught this record pike – in presence of witnesses – measuring 125 cm with a weight of 18,627 kg. The pike was caught from the Stange Bridge at Lake Mjøsa.

Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photos: On top by Agderposten, bottom photo by Mona K. Asplund

Sources:, Østlendingen, Wikipedia

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  1. Really really sad to see that these fish are dead… Tragic… Why would you eat them when you can get much fresher fish from the sea? Pike are the antiseptic of freshwater, they keep the eco system in balance as they feed on the weaker, slower and less intelligent fish, therefore keeping all the best DNA alive in the water, all pike over 3kg are female fish and they carry the eggs, to kill pike is a sin, but to kill a pike of these sizes is truly stupid. What stupid ignorant people you are… Nature got it right for millions of years, man destroys it in one!

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