Constructed Norwegian Words– Part III: 1985-2004

Paparazzi TelegrafThe new words from the period 1985-2004 are strongly influenced by the computer age. The Internet phenomenon was literary taking over people’s homes creating a vocabulary most of us still do not understand.

Global crisis meant that many countries had to receive refugees and asylum seekers. In recent years, non-Western languages have influenced the Norwegian language which has resulted in a multi ethnolect called “Kebab Norwegian”. It is a variety of Norwegian that incorporates words from Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Pashto, Persian and Punjabi. The ethnolect is mainly used by immigrant youths and those growing up with immigrant youths in the Oslo region.


KrøllalfaByråd                      City Council

Datavirus               Computer Virus

Dogmefilm            Dogma 95

Høydehus              Hypobaric Chamber

Jaktstart                 Pursuit Racing

Kirkeasyl                Church Asylum

Krøllalfa                 ‘At’ Sign (@)

Matsminke            Food Additives (color)

Medievold            Media Violence

Paparazzi              Paparazzi

Surfe                      Surfing (on the Internet)

Terrorfrykt            Fear of Terrorism

Tidsklemme          Time Pressure (Lack of time)

Wok                        Wok

Dokusåpe             Reality Tv

Hjemmeside        Homepage

Genmanipulert    Genetically Modified

Bikinilinje               Bikini Line

Sexmisbruker       Sex Addict

Nettporno             Internet Porn

E-post                    E-mail

Kollisjonspute         Air Bag

MP3                         MP3

Cybersex              Cyber Sex


Bimbo                     Bimbo

Breakdance            Breakdance

Fasttelefon             Landline

E-bok                      E-book

Euro                        Euro

Intranett                 Intranet

Nettleie                  Grid Rental

Nettavis                 Online Newspaper

Nullstille                Reset

Skaphomse           Coming out (of the Closet) Gay

Spam                      Spam

Zappe                     Tv Zapping


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Typisk Norsk; Dinamo Forlag, 2005

Photo: Telegraph

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