Norway’s Oldest Piece of Clothing Found in Jotunheimen

Norway's Oldest Robe– This finding is unique, even in an international context, says scientist about a 1700 years old robe that is found in Jotunheimen.

This garment was probably woven for a wealthy man. The robe is about 1700 years old and the fabric of lambswool has a particularly fine quality. There is also used a relatively sophisticated type of weaving technology to produce it.

– One can only wonder what kind of social level these folks had, says Marianne Vedeler Associate Professor at the Museum of Cultural History to NRK.

Norway's Oldest Robe 2.jpeg

Unique in European Context

Two years ago, some unique discoveries were made in Jotunheimen. Warm summers and little snow have made tracks from the past visible. Archaeologists made findings of both shoes, textiles, a mitten, hunting gear and tent pegs – in addition to a very elaborate robe.

– Perhaps the garment was passed on? We do not know where it was manufactured, Vedeler says.

Maybe it was stolen. In any case, after having been well used, worn and patched, it ended up in Jotunheimen at 6562 feet (2000 m) altitude. It most probably was a reindeer hunter who used the robe.

 – The robe is made for a man. This can be seen because it is relatively short. At that time there were no women who wore robes above the knee, and we are quite sure of this. It is quite narrow and may have shrunk a bit – but if we compare with the few other garments that are preserved in the rest of Europe, it has the same shape.

 Norway's Oldest MittenReindeer hunting

 Scientists do not know where the robe is made, but it has very strong resemblance to clothing that is found in other parts of Europe.

 – This is a garment that was used in many areas of Europe during Roman times. Here in Norway we put it in connection with reindeer hunting, which was of great importance at this time.


 The bottom photo shows what probably is Norway’s oldest mitten.



Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: NRK

Photos by: NRK


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  1. In the top photo the fabric looks like it has a sheen to it. Maybe it’s just the lighting, but it looks pretty fancy 😉

  2. Wow, such detailed and uniform stitching. I wonder how long it took to weave way back then without the equipment we have nowadays. I love this stuff – sometimes I think I missed my calling to be an archaeologist 😉 By they way, thanks for reblogging “Why God does not exist.” I’m glad you liked it!

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