Record Atlantic Cod Caught on Rod and Reel – 91.9 lbs!

World's Biggest Atlantic CodFishing in Norway is by many enthusiastic sport fishermen regarded as fishing in paradise, and in the series “record fish caught on rod and reel”, ThorNews presents a record Atlantic cod catch.

In early March 2012, Morten Hvam from Askim in ØstfoldCounty was on a fishing trip with four friends on Sørøya (South Island), located at the coast of Finnmark.

Sørøya Norway Google Maps

After catching a 79.4 lbs (36 kg) cod the year before, it was natural to try the same fishing spot again. It should pay off. Out of the sea he pulled out a 4.8 feet (1.47 meter) giant cod weighing 91.9 lbs (41.72 kg).

– I was fishing at 115 feet (35 m), and I think I spent ten to twelve minutes to pull it up. But I do not know for sure, because you forget time and place in such a situation. It was really fun.

This year, like last year, he used a 21.2 oz (600 gram) “Svenskpilk”. 

 – The “Svenskpilk” works for me, and I will stick to it. 

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World's Biggest Atlantic Cod 2

The giant cod flesh is too rough to be served on a plate.

 – Instead, the cod is going to be a trophy. I shall make a poster of me and the cod as a memory.

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 Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

 Photos by: Odd Larsson

 Source: NRK 

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