Funny Norwegian Surnames

Funny Surnames“Navnet skjemmer ingen” (English: One’s name is no disgrace) is a common Norwegian saying. Nevertheless, there are some Norwegian surnames we can only speculate on its origin, and who “invented” the name.

Here is a list of funny Norwegian surnames:

  • Luktvasslimo – Smelling Water Hillside Field
  • Gatevold – Street Violence
  • Dame – Lady
  • Avløp – Drain
  • Sørpebøl – Slush Wave
  • Klump – Lump
  • Bolle – Bun
  • Smellen – The Bang
  • Baller – Balls
  • Pulk – Pulk (Sledge)
  • Koppen – The Cup
  • Homo – Gay
  • Susegg – Wind Egg
  • Nese – Nose
  • Laksekjønn – Salmon Sex
  • Brødreskift – Brother Change
  • Grafsrønningen – Grope-rønningen (Rønningen is a common surname)
  • Høifødt – High Born
  • Hvalryg – Whale Back
  • Håndlykken – Hand of Luck
  • Bangsund – Bang Broken
  • Svinvik – Pig’s Bay
  • Jernskjegg – Iron Beard
  • Saus – Gravy/Sauce
  • Gammelplassen – Old Square
  • Pølsen – The Sausage
  • Fuglesang – Birdsong
  • Lem – Limb
  • Hals – Throat

(A special thanks to Laila and Finn Ove for their contribution)


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Illustrating photo: Anskaffelser


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6 replies

  1. That’s it, I’m changing my name to Jernskjegg. Iron Beard is just too cool! 😉

  2. “Hello, my name is Salmon Sex.”
    If one started translating everybody’s names to another language, one would NEVER run out of things to talk about. If, for example, a man is named Åge Laksekjønn and we dug a little deeper to find the origins of the name, we would discover that the guy should be introducing himself as ‘Father Salmon Sex’. And if he has a wife (poor woman) whose name is Silje, her translated name would be ‘Blind Salmon Sex’. Personally, I have a name that could be read as ‘Rebellious Windmill’.

  3. Laksekjønn could also (and probably does) mean “salmon pond” .

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