Funny Norwegian Surnames

Funny Surnames“Navnet skjemmer ingen” (English: One’s name is no disgrace) is a common Norwegian saying. Nevertheless, there are some Norwegian surnames we can only speculate on its origin, and who “invented” the name.

Here is a list of funny Norwegian surnames:

  • Luktvasslimo – Smelling Water Hillside Field
  • Gatevold – Street Violence
  • Dame – Lady
  • Avløp – Drain
  • Sørpebøl – Slush Wave
  • Klump – Lump
  • Bolle – Bun
  • Smellen – The Bang
  • Baller – Balls
  • Pulk – Pulk (Sledge)
  • Koppen – The Cup
  • Homo – Gay
  • Susegg – Wind Egg
  • Nese – Nose
  • Laksekjønn – Salmon Sex
  • Brødreskift – Brother Change
  • Grafsrønningen – Grope-rønningen (Rønningen is a common surname)
  • Høifødt – High Born
  • Hvalryg – Whale Back
  • Håndlykken – Hand of Luck
  • Bangsund – Bang Broken
  • Svinvik – Pig’s Bay
  • Jernskjegg – Iron Beard
  • Saus – Gravy/Sauce
  • Gammelplassen – Old Square
  • Pølsen – The Sausage
  • Fuglesang – Birdsong
  • Lem – Limb
  • Hals – Throat

(A special thanks to Laila and Finn Ove for their contribution)


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Illustrating photo: Anskaffelser

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8 replies

  1. That’s it, I’m changing my name to Jernskjegg. Iron Beard is just too cool! 😉

  2. “Hello, my name is Salmon Sex.”
    If one started translating everybody’s names to another language, one would NEVER run out of things to talk about. If, for example, a man is named Åge Laksekjønn and we dug a little deeper to find the origins of the name, we would discover that the guy should be introducing himself as ‘Father Salmon Sex’. And if he has a wife (poor woman) whose name is Silje, her translated name would be ‘Blind Salmon Sex’. Personally, I have a name that could be read as ‘Rebellious Windmill’.

  3. Laksekjønn could also (and probably does) mean “salmon pond” .

  4. My grandfather grew up on the farm in Norway called Sørpebøl. It means slushhole or slush abode. Anyone with any knowledge of that name please contact me as several of his half siblings ended up in the US.

  5. Our last name is harstad, like the city.

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