Norveg – The Coastal Heritage Museum in Middle Norway – A Must-See

Norveg - Costal Heritage Museum

In the middle of Norway, located at the tip of the sea in idyllic Røvik, you find Norveg – Centre for Norwegian Coastal Heritage and Industry. The sea has throughout history been Norway’s most important resource, and fishing has provided food and income throughout the centuries. But the ocean can be cruel – and countless lives have been lost in storms along the Norwegian coast.

The Coastal Museum Norveg contains a unique cultural collection that represents Norwegian history. It was opened by King Harald on 16 June 2004. The museum is located near Rørvik harbour with two daily Hurtigruta visits. It is characterized as a landmark along the Norwegian coast.

The building was designed by architect Gudmundur Jonsson, and was nominated for one of Europe’s most important architectural awards, the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2005.

The CoastalMuseum in Rørvik has won numerous other awards. In 2009, the Norwegian travel magazine “Reise og Fritid” awarded the museum best in the class for “history”. In their statement, they write:

“Here they preserve and worship Norwegian costal culture through active use. You can stay in a protected fishing community (Editors note: Sør-Gjæslingan), or join historical characters on tour around Rørvik. The building that houses Norveg, has become one of the Norwegian coast’s most spectacular landmarks, and the museum has won several international awards”

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Travel back in Norwegian costal history by staying at the protected fishing community of Sør-Gjslingan.


Museet Midt IKS is a consolidated museum located in Namdal, and consists of the following departments: Namdalsmuseet, the NorwegianSawmillMuseum, the North-Trøndelag County Gallery and the CoastalHeritageMuseum.

The founder of the CoastalHeritageMuseum, Paul Woxeng (1883-1967), began his historical collection efforts in 1919. In 1932 he built a separate building for the collection at his own farm “Vågsenget”.

Today, the museum consists of about 15 sites in Rørvik, besides Vågsenget, in addition to the abandoned fishing community of Sør Gjæslingan.

Booking Sør-Gjæslingan, phone (+47) 74 36 07 70 – or book online.

Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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