Constructed Norwegian Words– Part II: 1955-1984

New words - sputnikOur language reflects the society we live in. Prior to the creation of a concept or product, the word (obviously) did not exist. In an etymological perspective the major changes around the world in the 1900’s have contributed to changes in our vocabulary through new and constructed words.

During the latter half of the century, new Norwegian words were characterized by feminism, climate, environment, technology, media and self-realization. In Norway, it became common to import words from other languages, especially English.



Swinging sixties exhibitionMiljøforstyrrelser           Environmental Interference

Kjønnsroller                   Gender Roles

P-piller                           Birth Control Pills

Dagmamma                  Nanny

Datamaskin                   Computer

Dødshjelp                      Euthanasia

Fremmedgjøring           Alienation

Honnørbillett                 Senior Discount

Homofil                           Homosexual

Karisma                           Charisma

Juice                                 Juice

Humanetisk                     Humanist

Maktbalanse                   Power Balance

Pakketur                          Charter Flights

Massemedia                    Mass Media

Stress                                Stress

Narkoman                        Drug Addict

Kjendis                              Celebrity

Postnummer                    ZIP Code

Popgruppe                       Pop Group

Pappmelk                         Milk Carton

Parkometer                       Parking Meter

Pulverkaffe                       Instant Coffee

Spray                                  Spray

Sputnik                              Sputnik

Tenkeboks                        Think Tank

Toppløs                             Topless

Rasisme                              Racism

Enarmet banditt               Slot Machine

Vårrull                               Spring roll

Jeans                                 Jeans

Impulskjøp                        Impulse Purchase



Milk cartonFunksjonshemmet         Disabled

Helsestudio                     Fitness Center

Dildo                                 Dildo

Egotripp                          Ego Trip

Gatekjøkken                    Snack Bar (Fast Food)

Generasjonsbolig           Multi-Generational Living

Hasj                                   Hashish / Pot

Junkie                               Junkie

Kjønnskvotering              Gender Quotas

Kjønnsnøytral                   Gender Neutral

Kontorlandskap               Office Landscapes

Mobbe                               Bullying

Mørketall                           Dark Figures

Nyfeminist                         Feminist

Patetisk                             Pathetic

Porno                                Porn

Solarium                           Solarium

Statussymbol                   Status Symbol

Svarte penger                  Black Money /Illegal Money

Synthesizer                      Synthesizer

Samboer                         Unmarried Couple (Living Together)



New words - aerobicsAerobics                             Aerobics

AIDS/HIV                            Aids/HIV

Datasnok                           Hacker

Dragshow                          Drag show

Fosterdiagnostikk            Prenatal Diagnosis

Forelder                            Parent

Frisbee                              Frisbee

Frynsegoder                     Perks

Graffiti                               Graffiti

Intercity-tog                      Inter City Train

Kebab                                Kebab

Krysserrakett                    Cruise Missile

Nærradio                          Local Radio

Seksuell trakassering       Sexual Harassment

Skiskøyting                        Cross Country Skiing

Sosio-lingvist                     Sociolinguistics

Videovold                          Video Violence

Våtdrakt                             Wet Suit



Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Typisk Norsk; Dinamo Forlag, 2005

Photo credits from top:,,

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6 replies

  1. … there was no word for ‘parent’ prior? o.O

  2. Of course! ‘Mom/mommy’ and ‘dad/daddy’ have always been in use. The word ‘parent’ is just a constructed generic term.

  3. I was surprised by “Juice.” Is there no word for, say, apple juice?

  4. Juice is a word that obvious is borrowed from the English language. Earlier we used the word “saft” which Google Translator to day correctly translate to (you’ve guessed it) saft

  5. Just like “juicy” that many Norwegians use – which is translated to “saftig” 🙂

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