Provocative and Beautiful Drawings by Sverre Malling

Sverre Malling 3In just a few years, Sverre Malling (born 1977) has become one of the most renowned artists in Norway. His drawings are full of references – from our inner turmoil to banal popular culture.

His studio is a refuge from the ‘real’ world. Here Malling keeps his beloved books, artifacts, posters and vinyl records – everything he needs to get into the right mode. In an interview with the free Norwegian newspaper NattOgDag, Malling describes his relation to the studio:

– A lot of my adult life has been a continuous cover-up to hide my stupid, dirty and ridiculous sides. So I’m glad I have my studio, which is a kind of playground where I can be creative and express all these thoughts that I dwell on. I spend a lot of time here. I’m more often here than at home. On a good day, I can spend ten to twelve hours working. Fortunately, I never get bored.

Sverre Malling 2

Most of Malling’s motifs have been (directly or indirectly) inspired by music: Folk rock, western, psychedelic rock, drone music, krautrock, classical, black metal, stoner doom and Norwegian folk music.

He has often been referred to as the 21st century’s Theodor Kittelsen – one of Norway’s most famous artists – because of his original and spectacular drawings.

Sverre Malling describes how he works outside the studio:

-Actually, my mind is creating art continuously. For instance, I can see a motif at the store, tram or right before I fall asleep. I bring my notebook everywhere I go and write down my thoughts. My notebook looks confusingly similar to a shopping list. A friend of mine who was visiting thought one of my little notes was a shopping list. But “bread, milk, fruit and toothpaste” had been replaced with “dead rat, banjo, peacocks and carrion.” She thought I had lost it completely.

Sverre Malling 5Many of Malling’s drawings are moving towards a border between the subtle and understated, and the distinctly exaggerated. Several pieces may seem very immediate. His works refer to fairy tales, folklore, classical art, children’s book illustrations, fantasy, and psychedelia and rock mythology.

At first glance, certain drawings may be confused with the older botanical engravings. Upon closer inspection, the viewer can discover all the little details that violate the usual and obvious.

Sverre Malling 1

Sverre Malling 7

Sverre Malling 4

Sverre Malling 6

See more of SverreMalling’s works here.

Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source : NattOgDag

Featured image: Kunstforum

Drawings by Sverre Malling

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