Gorgeous Knitwear from Oleana

Have you heard about Oleana? If not, here is some great news for everyone who loves quality knitted garments! Since 1992, the Norwegian company Oleana has knitted beautiful cardigans, sweaters, scarves, hats and more. They have won several awards for design, quality, innovation and tradition.Oleana - rosa eng

Oleana’s homepage writes:

Oleana’s key competitive means are design, quality and flexibility. We first knit on ultra-modern hi-tech machines, then begin sewing and handiwork. Our employees have skilled and experienced hands and eyes. We are fully aware of what we want our machines and our people to do. Part of Oleana’s identity and status come from it being at the cutting edge between industry and fine craft.

Today we employ 70 people and we place great priority on job satisfaction and well-being. Half of our production is sold to countries outside Norway, and we have won many awards for design and entrepreneurship.

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Oleana - rød hageOleana’s ambition is to make beautiful clothes, the appearance and quality of which mean that people enjoy wearing them.

The collaboration between Oleana and the designer Solveig Hisdal started late in the autumn of 1992. Subsequently, all Oleana’s new designs have been created by her.

Solveig Hisdal’s background is in graphic design, art and fashion design. In 1995 she won the “Scheiblers Honorary Award”. From the Norwegian Design Council, she and Oleana have received the award for Design Excellence six times.

(Article continues below photo)Oleana - rød roseIn 2000, she was awarded the highly coveted Jacob Prize – Norway’s most prestigious award for design, crafts and architecture.

Solveig Hisdal is regarded as one of the best textile designers in Norway, and her signature is clearly visible in the Oleana collection, through her colorful and well-developed sense of ornamentation and shape.

Where to buy garments from Oleana? See list of shops here

Oleana - blå skog

Oleana - rød vinter


Text by: Anette Broteng Christansen, ThorNews

Source: Oleana

Photos: Oleana

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