The Norwegian Trekking Association – Loved by Norwegians for 145 Years


DNT - presse 1Norwegians love to go on trekking tours. Already in 1868 the Norwegian Trekking Association (Norwegian: Den Norske Turistforening) was established. Five prominent men were chosen to lead the organization, including the businessman, politician and philanthropist Thomas Heftye. The Norwegian Trekking Association’s mandate was ‘to ease and develop tourism in Norway’.

Today, the Trekking Association is Norway’s biggest outdoor activities organization with 245,000 members, and consists of 57 different local groups. They work to promote active, versatile, and environmentally friendly outdoor activities in addition to preserve the natural and cultural heritage.

The Norwegian Trekking Association has 480 cabins. They manage nearly 13.000 miles (20,000 km) of marked summer routes across the country, and almost 5000 miles (7000 km) of winter routes in southern Norway.

DNT - presse 3The cabins are located in the woods and mountains or along the coast. In their large selection of cabins, the Norwegian Trekking Association can offer both large catering lodges with nearly 200 beds or small huts with only a few beds. The cottages are owned and operated by the local member associations.

The Association offers trekking tours for everyone: From calm holiday trips to steep mountain walks, wilderness camps, glacier walks, mountain climbing, different types of courses and Base Camp for youth.

The mountains have always been a resource for the Norwegian people because of the rich hunting and fishing possibilities. It is also the place where most Norwegians go for recreation and to seek silence.

Anyone can use the Trekking Association’s cabins, but members get discounts. The accommodation is an affordable and social way to get to know Norwegians.

See more cabins here.

DNT - presse 2


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Den Norske Turistforening

Photos: Den Norske Turistforening (Flickr)

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