World’s Most Expensive Coffee in Oslo

Caffe Latte StarbucksThe high price level in Norway is caused by the country’s strong oil driven economy. A new study made by the Wall Street Journal shows that a Grande Caffè Latte from Starbucks costs almost three times as much in Oslo as in London.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Oslo has the world’s most expensive Caffè Latte compared to a dozen other cities.

According to the newspaper, a Grande Caffè Latte from Starcucks costs a little less than 10 dollars (55 kroner) in Oslo, while the same Latte costs about 3.50 dollars in San Francisco.

By comparison, London has the cheapest Latte in Europe at 3.70 dollars, while New Delhi has the world’s cheapest Grand Caffè Latte at 2.80 dollars.

On the other hand, one can buy affordable and tasty coffee in Norway. The coffee house Kaffebrenneriet is known for their quality coffee and great selection of exotic brands.

If you are visiting Norway, talk to the locals and get advice on where you can get affordable food, coffee, accommodation, transport, clothing or ‘whatnot’. It always pays to ask – it might save you a fortune!


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: E24

Photo: Starbucks

Categories: Beverage, Culinary Surprises

3 replies

  1. Wow, and I thought Starbucks was overpriced here!

    • Well, as the article explains there are also cheaper coffee houses in Oslo – perhaps with even better coffee. In Norway, we haven’t really understood the Starbucks consept. Why is it SO popular?

      • My guess is, it was the first one to offer ‘fancy’ (triple espresso-double mocha latte, or whatever) coffees, and the convenience of their shops being on nearly every corner. They are EVERYWHERE here.

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