Japanese Tourists Make Babies Under the Northern Lights

Northern Lights Over Tromsoe

According to Japanese myths, having sex under the Northern Lights supposedly gives baby boys, beautiful children or happy children. This is why the Arctic city of Tromsø experiences a flow of Japanese tourists this winter.

The solar activity is near its peak – following solar cycles with a duration of about 11 years – which results in spectacular Northern Lights over the city. In recent years, a large numbers of visitors have come to Tromsø to experience the phenomenon. Winter tourism has taken over the lead from summer tourism, and a large percentage of the visitors are Japanese.

Beautiful children

Apparently,in Japan there are several myths related to having sex under the magical light. Among the myths that exist is when conception occurs under the Northern Lights, you will get a baby boy.

– The story I heard is that if a couple have sex under the Northern Lights it can lead to many beautiful children. I have not yet got a confirmation if it is true, says Aurora safari guide Ivar Haugen at Tromsø Safari.

At Scandic Hotel in Tromsø, a very special Northern Lights room is decorated which is particularly popular among Japanese tourists. If it is cloudy during the stay, the romantic couples get one last chance.

– Many Japanese baby boys are probably made here, says Event Planner Robert Karlsen at Scandic Hotel.

Information Officer Hijiri Takagi at Visit Tromsø who is from Nagano in Japan, tells that the city is a popular destination for Japanese newlyweds.

She also tells that the number of Asian tourists is increasing.

– Tromsø is a unique destination. In addition to the Northern Lights, you can experience exotic culture and a very special atmosphere.

Editor’s note: Physical activity is essential not to freeze when visiting Northern Norway during winter.. 

Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: iTromso.no  

Photo by: visittromso.no

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  1. Don’t believe it! I’m Japanese.Nobody knows such myths.Yes,there are a lot of Japanese tourist.but we just love to see beautiful natural effect.who is the first made this false rumour??

  2. No one in modern Japan believed it until 1992, when the TV show ‘Northern Exposure’ incorporated it in an episode. The scriptwriter had read that there had been such a superstition in ancient Japan, so he added to his screenplay. Twenty years of global reruns later, apparently some Japanese have been convinced by American TV that they do believe it!

    • That TV show is the source but one has to wonder if the scriptwriter even heard an actual superstition since no Japanese people seem to have heard about it prior to that Northern Exposure episode.

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