Funny (and Rude) Norwegian Place Names

What were our forefathers thinking when they were giving names to their home places? Not all the names are flattering and they speak for themselves (many of them have their own ZIP code). ThorNews must warn you about some relatively rude names.

20 Funny and Rude Norwegian Place Names: 

Norske stedsnavn

1) Tissvassklumptjønnin = ‘Pee Water Lump Pond’, Lierne in North-Trøndelag County

2) Skrukkefylla = ‘Wrinkling Drunk’, Flå in Buskerud County

3) Lortegrauten = ‘Sh*t Porridge’, Notodden in Telemark County

4) Suggetjønn = ‘Sow Pond’, Bø in Telemark County

5) Skrukkehølet = ‘Wrinkling Hole’, Lardal in Vestfold County

6) Faenshølet = ‘Fu**ing Hole’, Tjøme in Vestfold County

7) Sædingsdragdrenken = ‘Sperming River Canyon’, Sømna in Nordland County

8) Kyrkjebyrkjeland = ‘Church Burch Land’, Bergen in Hordaland County

9) Svinliknubben = ‘Pig Corpse Cape’, Steigen in Nordland County

10) Trynedalen = ‘Snout Valley’, Lardal in Vestfold County

11) Helvete = ‘Hell’, Oslo (Hell is also located in North Trøndelag County, see Hell)

12) Dum = ‘Dumb’, Kvinnherad in Hordaland County

13) Graven = ‘The Grave’, Bodø in Nordland County

14) Ræva = ‘A**’, Gildeskål in Nordland County

15) Utro = ‘Unfaithful’, Roan in Sør-Trøndelag County

16) Homo = ‘Gay’, Grong i Nord-Trøndelag County

17) Der ute/Der oppe = ‘Out There/Up There’, Åmli in Aust-Agder County

18) Grisen = ‘The Pig’, Halden in Østfold County

19)Faen = ‘Fu**’, Kviteseid in Telemark County

20) Dritarsteinane = ‘Sh*t Stones’, Nissedal in Telemark County


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Typisk Norsk; Dinamo Forlag, 2005. NRK

Photo: Varden

Categories: Language

3 replies

  1. For realz???? Those are too funny!

  2. Faen is a contraction of the word for devil, fanden. No? Norwegians frequently say “The devil take you” instead of the vulgar English expression/curse. Yet it’s much more a curse at failure than an insult, as a word by itself.

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