A Sami Super Nerd

Sami Super Nerd

Proudly promoting Sami culture

Of course I’m promoting Sami culture, says Rasmus Johan Eira from Karasjok. I have experienced that many have not heard of the Sami people, and many think I am from Asia. This gives me a great opportunity to bring out what Sami culture is all about, and people think it’s fun, interesting and exciting that I am Sami and doing cosplay at the same time.

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 Eira, who was bullied while growing up because he was a data nerd, now participates in cosplay events all over Europe where he can live out his fantasies. The 28-year-old is profiled within the cosplay community in Eastern Europe.

 Rasmus Johan Eira calls himself “a Sami super nerd”. His very special hobby has led him to Europe and he has 7,000 ‘followers’ on Facebook.

 In March, Johan Eira Rasmus travels to Bucharest in Romania. He will be the host of an event with about 4,000 cosplayers, ie people who dress up to look like different role characters, especially influenced by Japanese popular culture. Johan’s character, “Shookie” is not Japanese, but the cookie monster from children television series Sesame Street.

 – The Romanian organizer would have an English speaking host. And yes, it’s great that a Sami boy is an invited guest and will be sponsored. They pay both travel and accommodation, he smiles again; adding that most of the times he has been invited to judge the costumes and if the cosplayer is empathizing with the character.

Watch Johan “Shookie” in this video:


 When John went to primary school in Karasjok, he was bullied a lot because he was not following the mainstream. The young Eira was in fact the only one in his class who was a real nerd deep into video games. He was sitting alone back home due to his hobby. And when he got older and others began to go to parties, Johan continued to play.

– I am a nerd. A real Sami super nerd, the 28-year-old proudly admits.

 Besides Romania, his hobby has brought Johan to the CzechRepublic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, England, Hungary and Bulgaria. Several of these trips have been sponsored. Later this year, he is travelling to Germany and France – and to the U.S. where he will participate in the world’s oldest convention with 50,000 attendees.

Text modified by: Ester Jepsen, ThorNews

Source: Sagat.no

Photo by: Hanne Klemetsen


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