Most Common Norwegian Given Names in the 20th Century

Christian NamesWonder what this little chap is called? Maybe it is a Johan, or an Ingrid?

From 1880 to 1920, Anna was the dominant female name, while Ole and Johan were the most common male names in Norway. During mid-century, the trend was characterized by “typical Norwegian” names like Gerd and Kjell, while the 80’s were marked by American names. Today, the trend is moving toward biblical names.

Mythological names like Freya, Balder, Trym, Brage, Ask and Embla are popular, in addition to animal names like Falk, Ravn, Jerv, Ørn, Elg og Orm (Falk, Raven, Wolverine, Eagle, Moose and Adder).

In the 1700’s, certain priests wanted to stop using the names of wild animals such as Ulf and Bjørn (Wolf and Bear), and replace them with “proper Christian names”.

Today, the priest would be very satisfied with the baby name trends: Norwegian parents look into the Bible and select name as Sarah, Maria, Sofia, Markus, Jonas and Thomas.

In 2012, the most commonly used Norwegian given names were Nora and Lukas.

Top Ten Girls Names 2012                                              Top Ten Boys Names 2012

Nora                                                                                    Lukas

Emma                                                                                 Emil

Sofie                                                                                    Matias

Linnea                                                                                 Jonas

Sara                                                                                     Alexander

Emilie                                                                                  William

Ingrid                                                                                  Oscar

Thea                                                                                    Magnus

Leah                                                                                    Markus

Sofia                                                                                    Oliver

Overview of the most popular girls and boys names through the 1900’s

1900’s: Anna, Astrid, Borghild / Johan, Ole, Olav

1910’s: Anna, Solveig, Astrid / Arne, Olav, Johan

1920’s: Solveig, Gerd, Ruth / Arne, Odd, Kåre

1930’s: Bjørg, Inger, Astrid / Arne, Kjell, Per

1940’s: Anne, Inger, Kari / Jan, Per, Kjell

1950’s: Anne, Inger, Kari / Jan, Per, Bjørn

1960’s: Anne, Hilde, Nina / Jan, Bjørn, Per

1970’s: Anne, Monica, Linda / Jan, Thomas, Lars

1980’s: Silje, Kristine, Camilla / Kristian, Thomas, Stian

1990’s: Ida, Karoline, Marte / Kristian, Martin, Kristoffer

2000: Emma, Sara, Thea / Markus, Mathias, Kristian

Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Illustrating photo: Klikk

Source: Statistics Norway

50 Most Popular Names 1900-2000

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  1. I like the animal names, something we don’t really do over here in the US (except possibly among the hippy crowd).

  2. Is there any story on Nora & Lukas?
    By the way i like Sofia most. also gives you more names on Tamil baby names, African baby boy names,English baby boy & girls names, Hindu baby girls names with meaning & numerology. also will get name which is followed by numerology which will be lucky for your baby.

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