by:Larm 2013 – Scandinavia’s Largest and Most Important Music Conference

byLarm 2013 logoThis week, the music festival and conference by:Larm is held in Oslo. Two thousand Norwegian and international artists, talent scouts and people from the music industry are participating in the 4-day long conference.

by:Larm (directly translated: city:Noise) is Scandinavia’s largest and most important music event. This is where the “music of tomorrow” is born, and visitors get to experience many talented artists – most of them are still totally unknown.

The American version of by:Larm is South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Several famous artists and bands have had their break-through during similar arrangements.

During by:Larm 2013, 130 unknown bands will be playing 240 concerts in 16 venues throughout Oslo. On Saturday, a winner is crowned and will receive 1 million Norwegian Kroner (approx. 180.000 dollars) from the Statoil scholarship.

by:Larm is voted the best music conference in Europe. Oslo is considered a pioneer when it comes to exposure of Norwegian music. In average, 13.7 concerts are held daily in the Norwegian capital.

See the by:Larm artist program here.

Editor’s Note: ThorNews wonder why so many Norwegian talented musicians still are unknown? Unlike Sweden – Norway has no culture for producing and exporting popular music in a larger scale. Examples of Swedish musicians that have succeeded worldwide are: ABBA, Robyn, Ace of Base, Kent, The Hellacopters, First Aid Kit, Roxette, Europe (Final Countdown) and The Hives. The only real Norwegian music export is A-ha and Røyksopp.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photo: by:Larm

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  1. Ida Maria is getting a fair amount of airplay over here. I really like her stuff. I was following a band out of Skien, John Snow, but they seem to have disbanded & some of the members are now in a band called Verdensrommet.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your comment!
    Ida Maria is a great artist. I did not know that she is on the US radio – but that is good news!
    What other Norwegian bands and artists are played regularly on radio in the US?

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