Painter Irena Jovic – Arctic Coastal Landscapes from Norway and Svalbard

Irena Jovic - Vega

Irena Jovic, Søla – Vega, oil on canvas, 2011

– (…) From the first moment I got fascinated by the atmosphere and the light there. This attraction is difficult to explain. It’s the wild – and the savagery that attracts me. The archipelago far up north awakes me and reminds me how important it is to preserve this area of the world. (…)

The Norwegian painter Irena Jovic writes about her most important inspirational element. The archipelago she refers to is Svalbard. Because of the Gulf Stream, this is the northernmost ice-free society in the world, and between October and March, the sun is below the horizon and creates total darkness.

Landscape paintings and the Helgeland coastline – the full range of weather and temperament – are also important parts of Jovic’s production. The dominating element is the mysterious, frightening and adventurous sea stretching beyond the horizon.

– (…) In the surroundings of Ny – Ålesund you meet people and nature in constant struggle for survival, research – economic and political interests. It is for this reason I want to focus on the nature through my paintings, “Man cannot overcome everything”, she writes.

From 1999-2000, Irena Jovic was an art student of the renowned Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum.


Irena Jovic, Kamp. 2002

Irena Jovic, Kamp, oil on canvas, 2002

Irena Jovic, Vandrere ved Von post, Svalbard 2006Irena Jovic, Vandrere ved Von Post, oil on canvas, 2006

Irena Jovic, Min ekspedisjon, 2005Irena Jovic, Min Ekspedisjon, oil on canvas, 2005

Irena Jovic, Grensen - Gildeskål kommune 2008Irena Jovic, Grensen – Gildeskål Kommune, oil on canvas, 2008

Irena Jovic - Vandrere, 2003Irena Jovic, Vandrere, oil on canvas, 2003

Irena Jovic - Tenkerne

Irena Jovic, Tenkere, lithograph. 


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen

Source: Irena Jovic

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