Oslo Police District Won «Tweet of the Year»

Twitter - bird“Storo (Oslo): We received a message on ongoing domestic violence and women screaming. When we arrived we discovered that it was a nurse’s party. We will soon leave the location.”

On January 11th, this message appeared on the Oslo Police District’s Twitter account (@oslopolitiops). Since then, it has been re-tweeted 860 times. On Tuesday, it became one of the hit jokes at the “Social Media Days” conference in Oslo, and won the “Tweet of the Year” competition.

– There was a situation of ongoing domestic violence, which turned out to be a party for nurses. The case was settled and the police left the scene. None of us thought that it would attract so much attention, Sergeant Rune Hekkelstrand tells the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. He authored the tweet.

Nearly 80,000 Norwegians follow the Oslo Police District on Twitter. They have solved several cases through their tweets.

– We are trying to communicate what happens in Oslo. For us, Twitter is an important media channel. But on ‘slow days’ there is room for humoristic tweets, operational manager Tore Solberg tells Aftenposten. He is one of the responsible people behind their success in social media.

The French news agency AFP wrote about the competition in Oslo, and it has been recited in Le Monde and Le Figaro. The reason for the Oslo Police District’s Twitter success is because of “useful, informative and especially well-written messages”, AFP writes.


Here are some of the Oslo Police District’s humoristic tweets:

“Majorstua (Oslo): Complaints about a street musician who only plays one song. It has been going on for several months, police on site to request a wider repertoire.”

“A person is waving a machete at Oslo Central Station. Police arrived quickly and arrested the man. Machetes should not be used for this purpose.”

“Båntjern (Oslo): No drowning. A woman took a ‘skinny dip’, her boyfriend handed her a towel, and they went home wearing only a towel. The woman was very embarrassed.”

“The moose has left the location, and has probably returned to the woods with his friends.”

“The police were dispatched to a domestic violence scene at Sagene (Oslo). Someone had been saying bad things about the mother-in-law on Christmas Eve. The people involved are now calm.”

“We have not received any more messages about the poodle. Let us hope it is “permanent” and that it has found its way home.”

“While we are doing all these serious assignments we have received messages about three loose horses at Gaustad (Oslo). If you find them, capture them and call us. Thank you.”

“A police patrol has arrived Gaustad. But they have forgotten their lasso’s and is not able to capture the horses. They are now just looking at them.”


Text translated and modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Aftenposten

Photo: Twitter

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