The World’s Largest Atlantic Wolffish Caught on Rod and Reel

Worlds's Biggest Wolffish Caught on RodNorway is every sport fisherman’s paradise. The total length of the mainland coastline is 15.626 miles (25.148 km), and the islands’ 36.122 miles (58.133 km). With only five million people there is enough space for anglers from all over the world. You are guaranteed to have an adventurous and exciting fishing vacation!

In the article series “World’s Largest Fish” ThorNews now presents the Atlantic wolffish. This fishing story dates back from June 2010, when the Belgian Hendrickse Roland caught a wolffish weighing 50.26 lbs (22.8 kg) on rod and reel in Western Finnmark.

This was the third year he showed up to fish in Hasvik in Finnmark, Belgian Hendrickse Roland got a sensational catch. The Atlantic wolffish he pulled up is the biggest ever caught on rod and reel, Finnmark Dagblad reports.

– It was a Belgian group of anglers who caught it. It weighs 50.26lbs (22.8 kg). We have confirmed that there is a world record, Mona Jacobsen Saab at Hasvik Hotel tells.

– It’s so ugly that it is beautiful, she laughs.

Worlds's Biggest Wolffish Caught on Rod 2The record fish was caught just 10 minutes by boat from the hotel, where the guests were Belgians. Their catch will also be recorded on the fishing team “Team Hasvik Hotel”, which already has the record for cod caught on rod, Saab says.

Many “trophy fishermen” coming to the area, which is known for record fish.

Wednesday afternoon the local sheriff came to the hotel measuring and weighing the giant wolffish, so that the world record can be approved and recorded. According to Saab, the large but not particularly pretty fish did beat the previous world record with a total of 8.8 lbs (4 kg), and the previous Norwegian record with 17.6 lbs (8 kg).

The Atlantic wolffish is the most common of the three catfish species in Norway. It is easily recognized by the long dorsal fin that extends from the neck all the way to the spur, and is fond of eating sea urchins. It is common along the Norwegian coast, and is known as a delicacy.

But even if it was a record catch, the wolffish did not stay for long at Hasvik Hotel.

– The fish is on its way to the Czech Republic for taxidermy. When it returns, it will be displayed here at the hotel, Saab promises.

Editor’s note: The Atlantic wolffish is a wonderful and healthy fish that has firm meat and flavors of shellfish.

See also this clip of the fantastic Wolffish stretching its jaws!

Text modified by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, Thor News

Photos by: Eva Husby

Source: Finnmark Dagblad, Statistics Norway

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6 replies

  1. That is one big—as well as ugly—fish! Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Never even knew there was such a thing. Poor fishy. Seems like when they get that big they ought to be let go just for being so big and ugly!

  3. Ugly – but delicious, tasty and very healthy! Best fish there is!

  4. The actual largest wolf fish caught by Rod and reel was by Frederick Gardiner, on Georges bank, in 1986. the weight was 52 lbs even!

  5. Congratulations, you caught an endangered species who eats the stuff that calls an ecosystem.

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