Female Bunad From Upper Hallingdal

Øvre Hallingdal - bunadIn Upper Hallingdal, Buskerud County, the traditional female Bunad was in daily use up until the 1970’s. Like many other Norwegian Bunads, married and unmarried women have different headgear: “Konehette” (wife’s hood) is still in use, while few single girls use the “jentepannelinet” (the girl’s head band). Today it is common to use an embroidered hat.

The skirt is made from black wool and has a colorful embroidered hemline. It is folded with two straps attached over the shoulders. The straps are also made from black wool, with decorative embroideries similar to the hemline. The front of each strap contains a silver brooch.

The apron is made from black wool damask with embroidered hemline and bust line.

The shirt is white cotton with white seam embroidery around the neck and sleeves. It is common to tie a scarf around the neck.

Øvre Hallingdal - bunad bakThe traditional head gear for married women is a ‘hood’, which is an embroidered linen cloth covering a semicircular roll, and placed over braids. The hair is braided with woven ribbons and placed in a semicircle on the back of the head. On top of this, the “lykkjeplagget” (garment of good luck) – a colored silk scarf is placed. It is also common to use a “skuv” – a long tuft of dyed wool.

For this costume one uses black stockings and Bunad shoes. The silver comprises a large brooch, two smaller brooches with chains and cufflinks.




Øvre Hallingdal - bunad brodering





Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Våre Vakre Bunader (Skavhaug, Kjersti. Hjemmenes Forlag, 1978)

Photos: Vibekes bunadsider

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