The Norwegian Hymnal Book – Minute By Minute

Orgelmaraton Fauske kirkeYesterday at 6:00 AM, organist Ralph Creedy started a marathon concert in Fauske Church in Nordland County where he played the entire Norwegian Hymnal book.

-I have never tried anything like this before, Creedy told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) who followed the organ marathon minute by minute from Monday morning until the last hymn. Ralph Creedy is originally from Coventry in England, but has lived in Norway for 30 years. He is a trained musician specialized in church organ.

Creedy played the entire Norwegian Hymnal from 1985. There are a total of 953 different hymns, but some have two melodies so the organist had to play a total of 965 works. He did not know how long the concert would last, but estimated that it would be finished in about 20 hours. – I will play as long as I can, and when I need a break, I will take one, Creedy said.

The reason for the marathon concert was that Fauske Church needs money for a new sound system.Orgelmaraton Ralph CreedyCreedy hoped as many as possible would attend the free concert and he presented an empty guitar case for those who wanted to give donations.

21 hours after he started, at 3:00 AM, Creedy played his last hymn. The event raised almost 4.400 dollars, which means that a new sound system soon will be underway.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photos: NRK

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