23. Trømsø International Film Festival – January 14 – 20 2013

Tromsø International Film FesttivalSnow screen at Tromsø’s main square.

Tromsø International Film Festival, held in the Arctic city of Tromsø, is a popular film festival for the audience, and at the same time an important meeting point for Norwegian and international film industry. TIFF 2013 will be the 23rd edition of the festival.

TIFF has had an incredible growth since it first commenced in 1991. The total of admissions in 1991 was 5200 – in 2012 it was 53488. This makes TIFF Norway’s biggest film festival. It is set in the dark polar nights, which give’s TIFF the unique possibility to screen films outdoor. The outdoor cinema is located at the main square in the heart of Tromsø.

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The festival screens challenging quality films for a local, national and international audience.

You will find the 2013 program here. A variety of films are presented – spanning from Russian zombie flicks and Finnish singalong to documentaries about Israeli military intelligence, the terror attack against Norway and shorts and docs from the Arctic region.


 ‘AS ONE’ (Korea) – presented at TIFF 2013

AS ONE recounts the dramatic true story of the first unified Korean team that competed in a sports world championship: in table tennis. Both nation’s female star players have suffered defeats in previous championships agaist China’s best player. Just prior to the 1991 World Championship in Chiba, Japan, a North-South summit announces that the North and South Korean teams will compete as a single unit for the first time – a move to lessen political tensions. The star players, South Korea’s Hyun Jung-hwa and North Korea’s Li Bun-hee, first experience conflict and mistrust, and face the loss of their championship dreams. But game by game the two begin to work as a team and find friendship.

AS ONE is a classical drama, not to say melodrama, a tale of strong emotions with a nerve-wrecking finale and some very convincing table tennis action sequences. Let yourself be entertained!




Source: TIFF

Photo by: TIFF

Text modified by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

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