‘Merry Christmas on Both Cakes’

God jul på begge kakeneThings did not quite go according to the plan when the Norwegian Coastal Administration ordered a cake for their ‘Christmas finale’.

The staff in Ålesund was invited to the NCA’s annual Christmas gathering, and regional director Harald Tronstad wanted to order a cake for his employees. – Since there were many people coming, one cake was not enough. Therefore I ordered two. The baker asked if there would be any text written on them, and I replied: ‘Merry Christmas on both cakes’, the director says.

The baker took the message literally. When the day of their ‘Christmas finale’ arrived, only one cake was delivered, and on the marzipan lid it said: ‘Merry Christmas on both cakes’.

– There was not much cake for each of us, but a whole lot of fun, Tronstad laughs.


Text modified and translated by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Aftenposten

Photo: Kystverket

Categories: Quirky

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