Christmas Calendar for Kids on TV – an Annual Tradition


TV-première: The King of Christmas (“Julekongen”)

Screenplay: Lars Gudmestad and Harald Rosenløw Eeg

Director: Thale Persen

Produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation/ 24 episodes

NRK Super at 18:00 hours, 1st – 24th of December


The Norwegian national and license funded broadcaster NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) has since 1979 broadcasted self-produced Christmas calendars on TV. One episode is shown every night from 1st – 24th of December. High quality, self-produced television programs for children are important to NRK, and kids have even got their very own television channel: NRK Super.

In recent years, it has been aired replays of previous Christmas calendar productions, but this year the kids can enjoy a brand new show: “The King of Christmas” – an enchanting blend of magic, knights and friendship, The King of Christmas is a family series centered upon the adventures of nine-year-old Kevin, who, close to where he lives, stumbles upon a hidden valley peopled by a community of knights.

The series has received excellent press critics and the newspaper VG writes in the review:

NRK’s ​​new Christmas calendar is simply awesome!


The King of Christmas (Clip):


A full episode from last year’s Christmas calendar: “Jul i Blåfjell” (Christmas in Blue Mountain). 

Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source. NRK

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